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Hello everyone! 

and welcome to my blog…

So, I am writing this post is to give you all an introduction to who I am and what this blog is going to be about. Basically, I wanted to find a way to provide my clients and anyone reading with some great hair advice from a qualified hairdresser in Banbury.

From this blog, you will find out about aftercare following your salon trip (for all my lovely clients!), top tips for hair and how to improve the health of your hair. I am a professional stylist so I just want to give my knowledge out to anyone around or outside of Banburyshire who is interested.

The reason I am making this blog is so that I can give you, my clients, or anyone wanting to read this the tips and tricks on how to care for your hair. Starting with some advice on how to style your hair, general advice for care and some more complicated hair tips for more complex hair types.

Why I am making this blog

I want you all to feel like you’ve gained some sort of knowledge or helpful advice about your hair, by reading this blog. Also, this gives me a place to rant about my day!

What the blog is about

This blog will be a place for anyone to come if they ever need to gather some information or advice about your hair.
I want everyone to be able to understand the type of hair they have, how to care for it, current trends, and any helpful advice that will help them in doing so.

I want to be your local, trusted, professional stylist. No matter where you are! Whether you are in Banburyshire or beyond.
If you want to find out why I am qualified to provide this advice have a read below.. its a little about me and my salon in Banbury.

Who am I?

Well as you probably know now, my name is Bekkah and I have been a hairdresser for almost seven years.
During this time I have transitioned from working in a small salon in Banbury to currently managing my own salon located on Bath Road in Banbury.

I specialise in balayage’s and pride myself on my cutting techniques and knowledge. I absolutely love transforming peoples hair and making them feel good about themselves. If you are from Banburyshire, feel free to check out my Facebook page.

My hairdressing journey so far

I achieved my level two and level three NVQ in hairdressing at Banbury College.

Throughout my hairdressing career, I have invested in further education to widen my hairdressing knowledge and skills. I participate in at least two hairdressing courses a year. From colour courses to cutting courses! To ensure I am up to date with the latest styles and trends.

Allowing me to provide the best hairdressing service to my clients that I can.

Opening my hair salon in Banbury

After I left Banbury college I worked at a small beauty salon in Banbury for two years to gain experience and to build my confidence.

Once I had gained enough experience and confidence I decided to set up my own business from home. Poof, The Orchard hair was born.
Fast forward a few weeks and I became busy extremely quickly, so much so that I quickly outgrew my home salon. I had to find a way to expand, but I was young and nervous and wasn’t sure the best way to grow my business.

I began researching and found a beauty salon in the centre of Banbury that was available.
Obviously, jumped at the chance! So by July 2019, I took on the salon at Park Gardens located on Bath Road.
Since then The Orchard Hair has continued to grow.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope to see you back in the future as I add some more posts. I will post updates about my blog on my Instagram so feel free to follow me there!

If you live in Upper Heyford or the Bicester area I live in the area and offer mobile hairdressing in Upper Heyford.

I am also a qualified a accredited hair and beauty trainer 

Some of my most popular courses are: 

1. Eyelash extension course 

Our 1-day eyelash extension course teaches you how to provide your client with the “perfect” lash extension. 


2. Beautician course

Our intense ultimate beauty course will teach you all the treatments you need to know in order to start up your beauty business with a large service menu.

3. Hybrid Tint And Wax Course Banbury

Our 1-day Hybrid brow tinting course teaches you how to provide your client with the “perfect” hybrid brow colour to complement their skin tones.


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