Hair Cutting Banbury

Looking For A Hair Cut in Banbury?

Our expert hairstylists in Banbury have the skills and expertise to create beautiful hair cuts and styles, from traditional looks to the latest trending hair cuts.

We will listen to your needs during an in-depth consultation, taking into account factors such as hair growth patterns, face shape and maintenance, before creating a look that is flattering and bespoke to you.

Cut and Blow Dry

Are you searching for a Cut and Blow in Banbury. Look no further and book in for your perfect cut and blow dry.

Wet Cut

Get a quick and easy wet cut in Banbury. Our professional stylists are ready to tend to your style needs and use the highest standard shampoos and conditioners.

Dry Cut

An easy dry cut in Banbury. For those who are after a quick trim, and a tidy up around the edges. Dry cut is an affordable option and ideal for those on-the-go.


Whether you prefer a refresh/trim on your existing style or a complete restyle to totally transform your look our highly skilled team will create the look and style you desire. A high standard, restyle in Banbury to meet all your needs.


Tel: 07503091312

*Unfortunately, I don’t offer walk-in appointments so please book advance to avoid disappointment.

*A skin test is required 48hrs before any colour service is performed

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Read One Our Hair Cut Story's 👇

What the client asked for…

Although this was a colour service, my client wanted a lot taking off her length. She wanted a short textured haircut to complement her new “lived-in blonde” hair colour.


What we did… 

After I had completed her hair colour, We then went on to the cut and blowdry in Banbury. I used a mixture of scissors and razors to complete this restyle. 

First, I took the length off my client’s hair, to give us our foundation line, I then went in with my razor, cutting in lots of choppy layers, nothing too heavy otherwise this would give the opposite effect to the hair. I then added some curtain bangs around her face, so that she had some face-framing. 

Once dry, I then proceeded to dry cut, adding in any more texture we needed. I then went on to style the hair, adding a few loose waves to complete the look. 

How it turned out…

The end result was a beautiful chopping, effortless bob, that’s easy to style. 


See the Results

a hair cut and dry cut and restyle created in banbury

The client also left a lovely review 👇